Terms of Service



I charge an hourly rate.

I will provide an estimate of the effort involved in hours and provide an estimated price on that basis.

I can either work on a fixed price basis or time and materials. We will agree this up front before work commences.

For time and materials I provide regular updates on where I am with time and highlight if I think there is a risk of going over the initial estimate.

Any time for meetings and phone calls will be charged at the hourly rate. Travel time is not charged.



The price of hosting is not included in the development time.

Any new sites will be built on Squarespace, unless otherwise specified by the client or the platform is deemed not suitable based on the project requirements.

I pay for Year 1 hosting and invoice this to the client on completion of the project, i.e. after go-live.  Ongoing payment preferences will be discussed with the client, i.e. Year 2+.


Domain Name (web address)

Where a domain name already exists, I will manage to repoint this to any new site developed on another platform.

Where a domain name is required to be purchased I will undertake this. For new sites developed on Squarespace, domain names are included in the cost of Hosting (*except .co.uk, which Squarespace does not yet support. Separate registration will be required. This will be communicated at the point of engagement when as estimate is provided)

A secure domain (SSL) is provided as standard on all Squarespace sites and is included in the price of Hosting.


Payment Terms

50% of the initial estimate for development is payable in advance before work commences. I will invoice for this on acceptance of any proposal and terms. This is payable immediately. Work will not commence until receipt of this deposit.

Should the project take longer than 2 months, a further 25% will be due with the overall balance and cost of Hosting payable on completion of the project within 14 days of date of the final invoice.



As part of the project, I will work out an approximate project plan in order to give an indication of delivery dates.


Content and Imagery

It is the clients responsibility to supply all written content and imagery in a timely manner. Failure to do so will impact the delivery date.

All imagery will be supplied by the client. Under no circumstances should images be extracted from other websites, including Google. On acceptance of the terms, this is understood by the client. All imagery should be owned by the client either by purchase of by taking their own photos or by commission.

If necessary, I can supply imagery by taking my own photographs or purchasing Royalty Free images. This may incur an additional cost but will be agreed during the project



It is the clients responsibility to identify the keywords that should be used throughout the content to help with SEO, however, I can provide consultancy and help


Editing and Proofreading

The content will be proofread and, if necessary, copy-edited by an experienced copy-editor and proofreader as standard and will be included in the original estimate. If you do not want this servic, this should be agreed up front.



It is the client's responsibility to test the final product to ensure it is working as expected. Any defects found will be fixed without charge. Any changes asked for will be charged at the usual rate.


Intellectual Property

On completion of the project and on receipt of final payment, the website and all content, written and image, i.e. Intellectual Property, will revert from me to the client, i.e. Glentress Forest Lodges



As part of the website, credit should be give to the developer, i.e. Scott Noble Digital Services, for working on the site.