2019 Portfolio


Joyce Matthews

Joyce had an existing website that no longer met her needs. She asked me to create a simplified website that encapsulated what she was about with the key brief of keeping it simple. She also wanted the ability to promote and sell her books that were available on Amazon.


Glentress Hotel

The Glentress Hotel was taken over by new owners at the start of the year. They were looking for a website that conveyed their branding and introduced people to them and the hotel and what was coming. The current site was very much a Phase 1. Iā€™m continuing to work with the hotel to develop the site further and ensure it encapsulated both the brand and the proposition.


Climate Ready Clyde

This was another project in conjunction with LBD Creative. Climate Ready Clyde were producing a hard copy brochure on behalf of the Scottish Government. To complement this they wanted a website that followed design elements of the brochure and providing a key summary of the findings. Working with LBD we came up with the site architecture and design that complemented the brochure.


Bike Punks

Bike Punks was another web project on behalf of Tweeddale Youth Action. Working in conjunction with SEStran, TYA have onboard 10 Electric bikes available for hire. They wanted a way for people to be able to book these online. I implemented a booking system via Booqable that automates a lot of manual work. Bike Punks also do a lot of work withheld disused bikes creating signage and crafts. This is still a work in progress, with the intention of items being sold online.


Tweed Valley Lets

Tweed Valley Lets is a new accommodation provider in Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders. They have 2 unique properties that they let out throughout the year. They required a very basic website initially while they were renovating the properties and the website has grown gradually as the renovations were completed.


Tweed Ecology

Tweed Ecology owner Reuben Singleton approached me looking for a refresh on his website to bring it more up to date and to move away from his existing hosting provider. By building the site in Squarespace I managed to do both. We also provided some of the photography as well as working with an established wildlife photographer, Laurie Campbell.


Tweeddale Youth Action

A local youth group were looking to revamp their website and make it easier to update. They wanted a site that was more dynamic but at the same time told their different audiences relevant information, such as parents, funders and other interested groups. Again using their own imagery, I created a site that appealed to the broad range of audiences but in the main tried to use bold colours to appeal to the youth element.