About Me

I have been working in Digital for nearly 20 years. I started off working on websites at Standard Life in 1998, building up and managing their award winning Adviser website. Over the years I was involved in a number of developments, working with agencies and other businesses, such as Realise, Barclays, Brightsolid, to name a few, working on everything from Information Architecture, User Research, Design, Build and ongoing Management. Over this time, I worked with a number of Content Management Systems.  My last role at Standard Life was Head of Digital Operations, managing a team of up to 20 people, ranging in skills from Developers to Designers to Content Managers.

Now freelance, I not only build new websites, I can provide help and consultancy on digital best practice as well as helping refine a businesses digital strategy and online Marketing objectives.

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Away from Digital, I am also an actor.